College Hiatus


Going on break again; this time it’ll probably quite an extended one – I’m glad I’m getting around to writing this official temporary cut-off post after only missing the last week. Funny thing is that the site’s stats have somehow spiked after a skipped week  – should I be posting less often?


I’ve personally reached another crossroads in life that will require my full attention for a little while. It’s finally time to move on to some glorious higher education, and as much as I hate to admit it, my triple-occupancy dorm room isn’t quite large enough to sustain my usual hobby operations. There isn’t even anywhere I can spray models anymore, it’s criminal!

I’ve also been slipping out of the collecting hobby a bit recently – I’ve nearly sold off just about everything that’s been featured on this site, and my glorious man-cave as was featured here in full detail is now but a shadow of itself in its former glory.


Nevertheless, I still have a few pieces lying around that I’ve yet to get around to ‘shooting and writing up. With that being said, I don’t quite want to discount this site as dead quite yet. I’m honestly not sure how long it’ll keep going after I get back, since I can’t see myself in the financial position to continue spending on the hobby much. This site is kind of built on merch – without it, I don’t want to turn it into a boring casul blog about my everyday life.

Between finals breaks and other small breathers I get, I’m gonna see if I can’t post at least once a month from now on – that’s only 12 posts a year, so it should be easily do-able. All the same, a big shout-out goes to the site followers and those who check the place out regularly – I’m definitely supar proud of how well flushed out this place has become (har har) and how it’s managed to keep going for so long.

MP-22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Perfect Edition


Undoubtedly the largest release in the current Masterpiece lineup thus far (not counting the original Optimus and Megatron releases…in which case I’m still pretty sure they were smaller), Takara finally fulfilled many a dream by releasing our favorite field commander Ultra Magnus…as more than just a white Optimus repaint!

MP-22 was touted as the “Perfect Edition” Ultra Magnus, which depicts him as he originally was – the massive red/white/blue car carrier we were spontaneously introduced to in Transformers: The Movie. I suppose there’s no shame in labeling all the previous white Optimus recolors as the “Imperfect Editions” now.


MP-11T Masterpiece Thundercracker (2012 TRU Exclusive)

P1170310The third and last Seeker I ever bothered with (Acid Storm who? Sun Storm what?) happens to come as a repaint of the latest Starscream mold. In keeping with tradition, like my previous Starscream and Skywarp, this Thundercracker is an American-exclusive release with strong callbacks to the original G1 cartoons.


MP-10 Optimus Prime (2012 TRU Release)


Finally getting around to the big O himself – I remember coveting this release for the longest time before finally snagging a used version on eBay as part of a bundle set. New versions were going for obscene prices ($300~) since this was before the recent reissue. As such, I didn’t really have any qualms buying a used item as long as it was complete; didn’t really miss the box or packaging.


MP-21 Masterpiece Bumblebee

P1170083The Autobot’s most iconic little yellow scout finally received the Masterpiece treatment, and while I think a lot of us have come to expect big things (literally, looking at you Ultra Magnus) from this line-up, Bee was for sure underwhelming for many.



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