Halo 4 Play Arts Kai Red Spartan Warrior


Another Spartan Warrior, from my same pal who lent me the Blue one. My knowledge of Halo hasn’t exactly increased since the last time I took a look at a figure like this, so I’ll still be talking about it in the context of any regular action figure.


HG Gundam AGE-1 Normal


Another HG that I bought solely for use in my big Build Burning custom work that’s currently still in progress. AGE-1 is a simple, small, and cheap kit but still pretty impressive on its own. I only really got this model to cannibalize its head onto my custom Burning, so I’m not sure what I want to do with the rest of its body yet. Because there’s so little unique armor and the suit itself is just ridiculously simple and bare, there’s little I can really make use of.


HG Lightning Gundam


My second Try Fighters High Grade kit, this time the sniper-specialist Lightning Gundam. With the Build Burning, all I need is a SD Winning Gundam to complete team Try Fighters.


HG Build Burning Gundam


There are no brakes on the Build Burning hype train. At long last, I’ve finally picked up my own – it seems like everyone has one of these nowadays. This is in all respects a very unusual purchase and even post here; it’s officially the first HG post on the site. I’ve always stayed away from 1/144 High Grades as a 1/100 elitist (I just don’t like mixing scales in my collection) but Build Fighters Try got me in the creative mood.


MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package


Gundam Build Fighters’ titular mobile suit model kit, Sei Iori’s superpowered tune-up of the Strike Gundam makes a sexy Master Grade kit.

Looking back on it now, I feel like the Full Package never really got much screen time. It was only introduced halfway through the first arc, and got totaled after the fight with the Zaku Amazing (which didn’t get nearly enough screentime either). By the end of the season I was getting a bit weary of the Star Build Strike’s insane stats and improbable ability to solve every problem with a glowing blue punch.



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