Robo Toy Fest – May 2015


Been on a bit of a hiatus lately – haven’t posted in a month now. School’s picking up and wrapping up, so life’s been getting in the way a bit. I didn’t want to leave the site hanging again after my last absence, but things happen.

Thankfully I’m back with an event coverage though – just paid Robo Toy Fest yet another visit this past Sunday for the usual plethora of geeky goodness.


Transformers Armada Deluxe Class Cyclonus


Just another poor Armada grunt Decepticon, though a member of the main supporting cast in the series proper all the same. While I owned a lot of the Armada toyline as a kid, I never actually had a chance to play around with Cyclonus here. I actually finally added him to my permanent collection with the Super Haul Transformers bin.


Metal Build Freedom Gundam


My second Metal Build experience, picked up at Robo Toy Fest just like my first, Exia. I’ve always wanted to add a Freedom to my collection simply because I like the suit, and have considered getting the MG kit more than once, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it when the Metal Build exists and looks so much better.

Normally, these Metal Builds are on limited production runs from Tamashii Nations, so if you don’t grab the first batch when they come out you’re screwed with the price later. Thankfully, Freedom happened to get a second run, driving the price down on the market considerably. I managed to snag mine at RTF for $100 flat.


Transformers Armada Deluxe Class Wheeljack


Ah, Armada Wheeljack. Don’t expect this to be a long one, this figure isn’t much. As a kid I remember this was one of my most coveted figures, just because the scarred Autobot insignia was so cool and his vehicle mode was equally awesome. When I actually got him though, color me disappointed when he turned out to be little more than a brick.


HG Burning Vice Gundam


Finally finished up – my first custom HG project, of which I’ve devoted a good portion of the last few months to. Inspired in no small part by how hot-blooded and fun Try Fighters has been, this is now pretty much the only HG I own. All the kits that went into creating this are now in shambles and pieces, though it’s been a worthwhile ride.

I’ve never done as heavy a custom as this before – in fact I haven’t even kitbashed before this. I had to learn quite a few new techniques and expand my materials and tool set for this project, so in a sense the Vice Burning was a bit of a guinea pig, even though I wanted it to be the pinnacle of my current works.



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