Transformers Armada Deluxe Class Demolisher

P1120146The Decepticon’s obligatory bumbling, tumbling tank on legs is an old but familiar toy for me. I remember I actually owned the green, tan, and brown Cybertron recolor first, then managed to trade it in elementary school with a friend who had the original Armada version, seen here. (more…)

Kakariko Graveyard/Book Thief Diorama Project


I don’t always do extra credit assignments for school, but when I do, I try way too hard and use it as an excuse to practice diorama crafting.




Today was a most glorious day. A big one I’ve been waiting for has finally come in. While it was released in late December, I’ll count it here and now as my New Year’s gift to myself.


Hasegawa 1/100 Apharmd the Hatter


Apharmd the Hatter…just the name of this mech alone was enough to make me scratch my head when I saw it. How do you even pronounce that? Anyway, this kit has a bit of a strange story behind it. It’s actually from the video game Cyber Troopers Virtual-On MARZ for the Playstation 2. When I bought it, I had no idea what franchise it was from, what Virtual-On was, or what kind of kit it would be. It just looked so damn cool, I had to pick it up.


New Year’s – 2015

2015 Happy New Year greeting card

Well, somehow made it. 2015’s finally here. The fated graduation year it is.

In retrospect, 2014 was one hell of a hot mess. A lot of stuff happened to me personally, and I can’t really say a new year makes me feel any more free from all the craziness I’ve tried to put behind me in the last few months. At this point, I’m kind of apprehensive about celebrating a new year at all – not that I ever did much in the first place – but acknowledging the joy of welcoming a new year now seems odd to me.

Anyway, I probably sound like a depressed old fart on what’s supposed to be a joyous occasion right now. Time to take a look back at what’s happened with Supar Robo specifically…



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