Welcome to Supar Robo!

Born January 1, 2013. A new blog for the new year.


With tons of hobby blogs and figure review sites floating around the vast online communities, welcome to yet another one.

As a collector, hobbyist, otaku, and all-around animu enthusiast (even though my actual palette is quite small) this site will be used to share my interests, rather than promote them. That is to say, my first concern for Supar Robo isn’t the number of views, comments, or followers I get; it’s sharing the fun of the hobby and enjoying the pleasure of blogging. I hope others who share my passion can find this site a valuable resource and point of interest for their own unique ventures.


Whether you wandered here by pure chance, recommendation, or otherwise, please take a look around the site. If you’re into figure reviews and such, there’s plenty to take a look at. Please use the tabs at the top of the page below the awesome banner to navigate each category.


I used to try keeping pace with a post a week – usually on Wednesdays. Sometimes I’d go dormant for a month or two, but recently I’ve hit a new crossroads in life (read: University) so I’ve adapted a new posting schedule to go along with that.

New posts will be published every other week; click through the calendar on the upper right to get a sense of the dates. Check back every once in a while or sift through the archives, there’s plenty to check out!

Enjoy your stay!

James Pierce

– James

4 thoughts on “About

    • Hey! Man, thanks a lot! It’s a real honor getting featured, thanks so much! I’m glad our project inspired and helped you guys along!

      Thanks for checking out the site! 🙂

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