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    Anime Expo 2013: Day 3

    Last day of Anime Expo. We won’t be going the fourth day since there really isn’t much to be done. To be fair, we’ve really had our fill with the last three days. Merch was bought, pictures taken, cosplays oogled. Best year yet.

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    Anime Expo 2013: Day 1

    July 4th, 2013. An extremely exhausting day filled with so much animu you could literally swim in it. Never been to Anime Expo on its first day before, but I have to say, through nearly three hours of waiting in 90 degree heat to get our badges, the wait was well worth it. Best Independence Day ever.

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    Work In Progress – Wing Update

    School’s almost over. Y’know what that means? Giving up! I know it’s probably really bad to give up just before the final stretch, but I’m all but done in most of my classes so that means brushing off the remaining little work and recalibrating for ‘pla. Summer is calling my name, and with that call comes the smell of fresh…

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    Astounding Progress

    This blog’s been alive and breathing for three days and I’ve already typed and uploaded three reviews. Two MG kit reviews and a Figma overview…strange to say this, but that’s not good. I feel like I’m making too much progress, too fast. It’s gonna suck when things slow down after school starts again and it’s gonna be like a post…

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    Start of a New Year

    Janurary 1st, 2013. Seems like a legitimate time to start something new. Welcome to Supar Robo. Mechs, animu, and general geekery is the name of the game here. This blog was created mostly out of myself wanting a single, overlording place to dump a lot of photoshoots of Gunpla, toys, figurines, and life in general. I figure it’d be a…