MP-22 Ultra Magnus Perfect Edition

P1170297 - Copy


MP-11T Thundercracker (2012 TRU Release)

P1170171 - Copy


MP-10 Optimus Prime (2012 TRU Release)



MP-21 Bumblebee


MP-20 Wheeljack



MP-13 Soundwave (2013 TRU Release)

P1130121 (2)


MP-08 Grimlock (2014 TRU Release)

P1110030 (2)


MP-06 Skywarp (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

P1100842 (2)


MP-12 Sideswipe (Lambor)

P1100326 - Copy


MP-17 Prowl

P1100270 (2)


MP-03 Starscream (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

P1040273 (2)


MP-01 Optimus Prime (Battle Damaged Ver.)


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