• Accel World,  Animu,  Figma

    Figma Black Lotus

      Accel World’s lead female protagonist/senpai was released in her Duel Avatar form alongside her partner, Silver Crow. It was a breath of relief to see the gorgeous promo pictures of the Figma online; before this, Accel World fanboys had only the Figure-rise model kit to sate their Black Lotus desires.

  • Gunpla,  Master Grade

    MG Blitz Gundam

    The second of the five G Machines to be released in Master Grade form, the Blitz didn’t warrant that much excitement from me. It was always my least favorite of the G Machines; that one I never really cared for. I suppose it was due in part to its rather unspectacular performance in the show and also due to its…

  • Gunpla,  Life

    Welcome Back to Gunpla

    Recently picked up a good Gunpla haul; first went to the local hobby shop and grabbed a Shenlong for myself and an Exia for my compatriot, then ordered online recently in light of my upcoming birthday to get two more Wing Master Grades and another 00 NG for my buddy.