Jada Fast and Furious 1/24 D.K.’s Nissan 350Z


I’m not usually one to buy things I can otherwise build on my own – even if the pre-built stuff is super cheap and uses more expensive materials than the plastic models I usually fancy. There comes a time, however, when you would like to build an iconic model from cinema but the means are either simply too cost-prohibitive or out of your skill level. This is one such case – call me a child for liking a design from The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift – it still won’t change my mind on this being a kickass 350Z.

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New Years 2017


As a new year rolls around I found myself going back and checking out the site’s annual New Year’s posts (the Archives tool on the sidebar is useful for this) – I usually make it a point to put something up at the turn of the calendar, if only for commemoration purposes because this place started up on the morning of January first back in 2013.

Turns out I missed it completely for the beginning of 2016 – even going so far as handwaving it as no longer tradition to do this sort of thing anymore. Even way back in February last year 2016 was already falling apart.

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MG Acguy


Haven’t written on an unpainted straight-build kit in quite some time – as plain as my All Gundam Project may look, I assure you just about none of them are that color accurate straight out of the box.

This Acguy is only an exception to my paint-everything rule because it’s not my kit, though I confess I actually coveted this kit for a  few years because I thought all of its little gimmicks were just so cool. Alas, the missus beat me to the punch and plowed through this in one night before I even finished a painted HG G-Self.

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MG Slash Zaku II Phantom


It started as a regular ‘ol MG Zaku II 2.0 – my friend and I picked it up as sort of an impulse buy nearly two years ago (or more, I honestly can’t remember) at our local hobby shop while there was a big sale going on. It should be pretty obvious just by perusing the Gunpla catalogue on this site that I’m normally not a big Zeek guy – I’ve built Zakus before, but the only mono-eye suit in recent memory that I’ve put together is the MG Sinanju.

When I got it I didn’t really know what to do with it – should I straight-build it, custom paint, what? Turns out the answer didn’t really totally come together until quite some time later.

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