Hasegawa 1/100 Temjin 747J (A Certain Magical Virtual-On Custom)

I think the last time I built a Temjin model I had told myself that I wouldn’t do it again. I had accomplished the ludicrously Katoki-masterminded markings on the last kit via a back-breaking amount of masking and painting, and looking back on it now, I’m not sure how I did it. Ironic, considering I now have to actually do it again.

Of course, Virtual-On and the Virtuaroid designs are cool and all, but I wouldn’t be coming back to one of my own accord so soon – this kit is a commission just like the last Temjin, from the same client no less.

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Revell ’92 Mazda Miata MX-5

I’ve already built an NA Miata before – but last time I didn’t build it with pop-ups, atrocious camber, or racing stripes. My next few kits will likely be rebuilds – as much as I want to get to new cars, I find myself more and more dissatisfied with my past builds as I think of the potential of doing them over again.

The last time I worked on a Miata, I built the Tamiya version – and while it wasn’t a terrible kit on its own, it left a lot to be desired. Ironically, it fell to Revell (I usually don’t like their kits and have had bad experiences in the past) to pick up the ball and offer a cheap, detailed model of the diminutive JDM roaster.

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Operation Meteor: Part 6

So, uh, this one is clearly long overdue. Like last year with our Quanta armor, I didn’t have time during the final few days of building and the subsequent rush of the actual convention to churn out the final build log chronicling our last leg of the journey that led to the full Wing suit. We worked until 7am the morning of the actual Expo last year, and told ourselves we would finish a day early this year to prevent the sleep deprivation that resulted before from finishing so late, but obviously schedules are made to be broken.

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Anime Expo 2018: Days 1 & 2

Anime Expo week is always a whirlwind of last-minute cosplay repairs and exhaustion walking the halls of the convention center with little sleep, but this year seems particularly grueling. The Wing Gundam suit is turning out to be our toughest Gundam to bring to ‘con, and it’s been an uphill battle getting it to work as intended. The last build log for the suit actually isn’t uploaded yet since I’ve been too busy scrambling to tie loose ends to sit down and write out the post, but it’ll be out in the near future.

I also usually cover the Expo with a day-by-day, but it’s been tough taking pictures and chronicling our adventures since I’m constantly handling bulky suit accessories, so this time we’ll be merging them into two-day combo parts.

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