Anime Expo 2016: Day 4


Day 4 – as usual usually our unwinding and kick-back day. No armor or cosplay of any sorts of course – just some good ‘ol fashion comfortable exploring of the last few halls we haven’t quite combed clean yet. This would usually also be our buying day where we hunt down all the nice last-day-deals in the Exhibit Hall, but we rushed in and made the bulk of our purchases yesterday during Day 3.

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Anime Expo 2016: Day 2


Day 2 has only just wrapped up, but by the time we got home it had felt like years passed between the morning and evening. Unlike yesterday, we actually set out today to accomplish a few goals and attend an event or two. The armor was becoming worn, but Day 1 had orientated us well enough to the Expo that we now knew how best to operate through the ever-ebbing ocean of people at the ‘con.

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