Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 3

It’s a surreal experience having our roles reversed and having me suit up in the armor for once instead of my partner. I now know how it feels to lean around awkwardly as someone else reaches for the buckles and straps to put me inside a foam shell. But alas, it only goes on me now because we designed it this time to fit almost anyone – this whole “build for someone you’ve never met or seen before” thing may not be as daunting as we thought.

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Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 1

It’s not June, it’s not even summer, and yet we’re here doing the same old same old – another cosplay armor. But this time it’s under some unique circumstances – for the first time ever, we’re not building this for a convention, or even for ourselves. Through some unexpected stroke of luck and some deep Reddit browsing, this is actually our first armor we’ve been paid to build as a commission.

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Southern California Gundam Model Competition 2017

Second time coming through to Fullerton in Southern California to participate in SCGMC – I wasn’t originally going to go this year because I hadn’t built anything noteworthy since last year that I wanted to submit in the contest, but as it turns out I ended up cobbling together something last-minute a month before the competition and entered it anyway.

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Revell 1999 (EM1) Honda Civic Si Coupe

Oh, the classic Civic. Cars like these with body graphics, ridiculous aero, underglow, and ostentatious wheels are what gave rise to the demeaning hatred of “riced” cars in the community.

I’m no Civic expert – having never owned one nor taken any in-depth interest in them – especially not the older generation cars like the EM1 (sixth gen) featured here. But I do recognize them as an iconic part of the car culture scene, which is why I decided to jump on another American kit; a departure from the usual JDM models. I didn’t have a bad experience with my latest Revell kit before this one, so I was willing to look past the wonky 1:25 scaling (most car models are 1:24) for a $15 model.

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