First 4 Figures 1/4 Master Arts Samus Light Suit Exclusive


My third First 4 Figures statue – though like all my previous statues, it won’t be in my possession long. The problem with these pieces is that they’re simply too high value – with their craftmanship and highly limited production run, I can almost never justify keeping them when every time I glance over I just see a giant wad of potential cash.

This is First 4 Figures’ first Metroid Master Arts statue, depicting the Light Suit as it appeared towards the end of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. I even played through the whole game on Hard Mode leading up to the statue release, just to get an email from the company informing me that it had been delayed another few months. Way to kill the hype vibe.

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Zeta‘s starter suit, the Gundam Mk. II, is my first UC entry for my All Gundam Project, ironically before the RX-78-2 because that suit’s REVIVE kit is so popular it’s been sold out everywhere I go.

This Mk. II is of course a REVIVE model as well; I can only hope and pray that Bandai gets around to the actual Zeta Gundam sometime soon, since I think that kit needs an update more than the Mk. II ever did.

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Anime Expo 2016: Day 4


Day 4 – as usual usually our unwinding and kick-back day. No armor or cosplay of any sorts of course – just some good ‘ol fashion comfortable exploring of the last few halls we haven’t quite combed clean yet. This would usually also be our buying day where we hunt down all the nice last-day-deals in the Exhibit Hall, but we rushed in and made the bulk of our purchases yesterday during Day 3.

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