HG Gundam G-Self


I have to confess now that I, like many other Gundam fans, never made it all the way through Reconguista in G. To be fair I gave it a chance – five episodes in I just couldn’t bear the narrative anymore – the animation style was also pretty jarring. But alas, this isn’t an anime series review, we’re here to talk about that ill-fated series’ lead mech – the Gundam G-Self. Like the series it starred in, this suit got plenty of controversy when it was first announced.

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HG Barbatos Gundam


Iron Blooded Orphan’s beloved lead Gundam comes out as a fairly slim and sparse High Grade – the box was nearly half as thick as a standard HG container. I suppose this can be chalked up to the Barbatos’ more bare-bones styling and general lack of armor panels where more traditional Gundams would have them. By the time I was actually engrossed in this build I found out that was merely half the truth – its parts count is so low because it takes a lot of work to get this kit to where it should be.

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First 4 Figures 1/4 Master Arts Samus Light Suit Exclusive


My third First 4 Figures statue – though like all my previous statues, it won’t be in my possession long. The problem with these pieces is that they’re simply too high value – with their craftmanship and highly limited production run, I can almost never justify keeping them when every time I glance over I just see a giant wad of potential cash.

This is First 4 Figures’ first Metroid Master Arts statue, depicting the Light Suit as it appeared towards the end of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. I even played through the whole game on Hard Mode leading up to the statue release, just to get an email from the company informing me that it had been delayed another few months. Way to kill the hype vibe.

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