Aoshima Subaru Impreza WRX STi GRB + USCP Sedan Transkit

The STi is an iconic childhood car for me – ironically because one of my earliest memories as a child was of playing with an Alternators Smokescreen Transformer toy that turned into a Subaru WRC. I like them even more now that I’m familiar with their performance and pedigree, to the point where I was deadly close to pulling the trigger on a 2015 model when I was looking for my new car.

That being said, it’s all the more embarrassing now that when I’ve finally got around to building an STi…and it ends up being one of my most flubbed builds ever. Notice that the title mentions this being a resin transkit of the sedan STi – but the final car is the hatch. Things went seriously awry for this project.

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MG 2.0 RX-78-2 Gundam G3 Itasha GSR Custom

You thought I’d be sated after building a racecar with Hatsune Miku plastered all over it didn’t you? You thought I would be over Itasha, after the decal hell that the NSX was. I thought so too. I told myself I wouldn’t do it again, but shower thoughts are the best thoughts. About a month before 2017’s SCGMC, I found myself in a quandary – I wanted to enter the competition, but I didn’t really have an idea for anything interesting to build – nothing unique enough to stand out in the sea of crazy builds that populate SCGMC. But then the cold shower water suddenly struck like lightning – Itasha is crazy and unique, and it’s a Gundam building competition – duh! Continue reading

Figma Samus Aran (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Ver.)

I’m so glad Max Factory/Good Smile is pursuing their Nintendo lineup, especially with Metroid. I wasn’t surprised when they went back and released Zelda figures from Twilight Princess, because at this point Zelda is more Nintendo’s poster child than even Mario is, but everyone seems to forget Metroid exists, at least until recently (the Prime 4 announcement and Samus Returns has injected some life back thankfully).

When this Corruption incarnation of our favorite intergalactic bounty hunter was announced, I was both excited and taken aback – I didn’t think Nintendo still cared to go all the way back to Prime 3 and greenlight a figure from such an old and neglected title, but here we are.

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Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 7

We’re on seven build logs now, and this isn’t even the last chapter. I can’t tell if this suit is just taking the longest out of anything we’ve ever built (probably) or we’re just documenting more of it (unlikely). Regardless, the actual Titan suit is just about 100% done now – the only things left are finishing up the ranger/trooper helmets and weapons, but that’s a long bridge to cross.

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