Anime Expo 2017: Day 2

I’ve had a grand total of about six hours of sleep since the night before Day One. It feels like the Expo has lasted years at this point, especially since we got to the convention today before the sun even had a chance to poke through the clouds.

Day 2 was long but satisfyingly productive. I can barely function by the end of it, but we got an entertaining Gunpla panel, a successful run with the armor, a cool world premiere anime screening, a live performance, and nothing but good ‘con vibes.

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Operation Qan[T]: Part 5

Home stretch – just under 48 hours remain before the big day. Unfortunately due to scheduling circumstances as of this post we really only have one work day left – the Friday before the Expo.

I can’t remember if we’ve ever actually gotten stressed in the past during the final few days of the build or if we always just carried on all the way to the bitter end with our usual gung-ho attitude. Unfortunately this time more things are breaking and we’re running into several roadblocks thanks in large part to the more complex nature of this suit, so it’s safe to say things are becoming more tense as the stakes go up and time runs out.

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