Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 8

This is it – eight whole build logs later, I promise we’re done. Fini. For our normal armors for Anime Expo, we build almost every single day of the week for three/four weeks straight to churn out a Gundam. For this commission, it took strictly weekends for two and a half months. Winter has proven to be more challenging than summer, but we made those hurtles and here we are. Continue reading


Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 7

We’re on seven build logs now, and this isn’t even the last chapter. I can’t tell if this suit is just taking the longest out of anything we’ve ever built (probably) or we’re just documenting more of it (unlikely). Regardless, the actual Titan suit is just about 100% done now – the only things left are finishing up the ranger/trooper helmets and weapons, but that’s a long bridge to cross.

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Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 6

Winter is coming, which means school’s wrapping up with finals papers and life-ending exams, which in turn means we had to skip last week’s build session. This week’s will also be short since we only had a day to work instead of our usual two, but thankfully our deadline has been graciously extended to the end of the year (it was originally around late November/early December) so we have plenty of time now to make sure no corners are cut during the build.

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Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 4

It feels like we didn’t get much accomplished during this session because almost all the suit building is done. The body parts (sans the gloves for the hands) are all there, so the focus of this weekend was to start pushing out the accessories and make the entire suit fit on a human body. The smaller details like color breakup, helmet visor, and clear parts will come later.

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