• Transformers

    Transformers Classics Deluxe Class Starscream

    Classics Starscream – I’ve honestly always wanted this figure since it was a really nice representation of Starscream in his classic G1 body, and rather inexpensive. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to grab it when it was out, and came about it by the Giant Bin of Transformers.

  • Gunpla

    NG 1/100 Dynames Gundam

    My comrade, who himself was a Gundam this past year at Anime Expo 2013, was introduced to Gunpla and to most of the Gundam metaverse by yours truly. I’ve taught him as my apprentice, and started him off on ‘pla with HG or NG 1/100 kits. He’s taken after my policy of avoiding 1/144 kits, though of course I wouldn’t…

  • Transformers

    Transformers G1 Commemorative Edition Soundwave

    I remember buying this figure a really long time ago at an Anime Expo while I was a kid. Back then I’d just go for the Exhibit Hall with my parents and squander as much money as I could on Transformers figures. Sure have come a long way since then. Soundwave was my favorite piece of the haul that year;…

  • Transformers

    Transformers Prime Deluxe Bumblebee

    The last Transformers Prime figure I’ll be picking up; after Bumblebee I figured enough was enough, and throwing constant money at cheap mass-produced figures wouldn’t garner me much in the long run. After Optimus, I didn’t bother painting either Megatron or Bumblebee.