• Pacific Rim

    NECA 7″ Cherno Alpha

    Cherno Alpha – the fan-favorite Russian Jaeger of Pacific Rim, whom like fellow Jaeger Crimson Typhoon, got the short end of the stick on-screen. Not gonna lie, I’ve never really been fond of this Jaeger design since its release. I didn’t really see the appeal of a giant nuclear reactor in place of a traditional head, but for some reason…

  • Animu,  Figma

    Figma Mato Kuroi

      Another Figma that isn’t actually mine, also from the Black Rock Shooter series to boot! Another friend of mine had bought this online whilst it was on sale; I merely borrowed it for a quick photoshoot and subsequently this review. I’ve seen the school girl versions of the Black Rock Shooter characters around, but they never really appealed to…

  • Energon,  Transformers

    Transformers Energon Mega Class Ironhide

    Ah, Energon¬†Ironhide.¬†While the character itself wasn’t particularly well-received in-series (I sure as heck wasn’t Ironhide’s biggest fanboy) his figure treatment wasn’t too bad. I rather like big, blue, and bulky. He still ended up being one of the Energon era’s most abundant shelf-warmers though. Poor rookie.

  • Life

    Robo Toy Fest – May 2014

    Robo Toy Fest – that glorious semi-annual robot and mecha merch convention at the Pasadena Convention Center that my friends and I attend religiously. This is our third time running around the place, and it never gets old. The last time we stopped by was in December 2013, and we sure as heck dropped a good amount of cash back…