• Gunpla,  Master Grade

    MG Universe Booster/Star Build Strike Gundam

    Bandai only ever released the MG Build Strike Gundam once, in its Full Package configuration. But given that its mid-season upgrade – the Star Build Strike – is pretty much 90% the same, Bandai decided to spare their poor, blindly loyal fanbase and release all the necessary components for the Star Build Strike as a separate stand-alone package. This would…

  • Armada,  Transformers

    Transformers Armada Voyager Class Powerlinx Red Alert

    A long-surviving part of my original childhood Armada collection, I remember buying this figure from Wal-Mart as a wee lad during Armada’s waning days on the air. By then, most of the original molds and colors had been replaced on the shelves by the Unicron Battles recolors and retools, so I couldn’t get my hands on Red Alert in his…

  • Gunpla,  High Grade

    HG Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound

    This kit isn’t actually mine; a female Guntoka friend bought this Dark Hound as one of her first kits probably a year or two ago. She had evidently never finished it and gave up on the kit halfway, so I asked if I could borrow it for a makeover.

  • Masterpieces,  Transformers

    MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock (2014 TRU Release)

    I never really cared for or liked Grimlock’s character much (fanboys jump me now). The Dinobots in general just never really appealed to me; I’ve always preferred the vehicular Autobot cast. That being said, I never really had any intention of picking up a Masterpiece Grimlock, even if I was going for a mold-completion collection. However, by some crazy stroke…