Tamiya Nissan Fairlady 300zx Turbo (Rebuild)

I already mentioned before how I don’t like to have variants of my car kits on display unless the old kit is being scrapped – which is very much what’s happening here. The big difference this time is that when I build a new version of a car, I’ll usually go with a different kit or manufacturer (like my latest Aoshima R34 that replaced my older Tamiya kit), though I’m building the exact same Tamiya 300zx Z32 this time that I had built before in gunmetal gray.

No matter how I sliced it or tried to look at that kit, I wasn’t happy with it now that I’ve improved significantly building cars – and since I had an entire spare Z32 kit lying around, I figured hey, why not – the kit’s already here, I might as well do it better this time.

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