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    Propaganda Poster Test: Pacific Rim

    Fooled around a little in Photoshop the other day during downtime in my Graphic Design class. Decided I would try my hand at making a propaganda poster based on Barack Obama’s famous “Hope” poster. Used our favorite Jaeger pilot as the test-bed. Didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped, but close enough. I was gonna put “Jaeger” as the…

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    NECA 7″ Gipsy Danger

    Pacific Rim’s┬áhero Jaeger, the US of A’s proud Gipsy Danger. The main mecha’s always gotta be the simplest and most well-rounded robot of the bunch. NECA’s first installment in this franchise fell short of many collector’s expectations and didn’t really achieve popularity until after the movie hit theaters in the first place. But that didn’t stop it from having its…

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    NECA 7″ Crimson Typhoon

    “Crimson Typhoon. China. One of the Greatest. Assembled in Changzhou. Full titanium core, no alloys. Fifty diesel engines per muscle strand. Deadly, precise fighter.” *Cue Typhoon getting curb-stomped by Otachi in under a minute*

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    NECA 7″ Striker Eureka

    Ever since I first caught wind of Pacific Rim way back when it was in post-production, I was hyped. We’re finally getting real giant mecha in American theaters! Fighting giant monsters from the sea no less! This isn’t Transformers, with robots only as tall as the cars they turn into; this was a robot movie larger than skyscrapers. Naturally I…