1:18 TEKU Deora II [Unit 03]


1:18 TEKU style Deora II – complete custom commission works!

This listing is for a custom commission project – do not purchase unless you have contacted Supar Robo regarding build details and timing. All 1:18 custom commissions are made to order.

Wondering what goes into a build like this? Read the entire build diary for the first unit, available here!

This listing is for [Unit 03], the third 1:18 Deora II TEKU custom to be produced by Supar Robo Industries. Build details will be identical to [Unit 02], with the exception of revised 3D-printed movie-accurate wheels, now featuring a deeper spoke face and tire tread patterns!

Price includes cost of shipping customer original 1:18 Deora II model to Supar Robo Industries, the complete custom conversion into TEKU-spec, and shipping costs of the final product back to the customer. Due to previous shipping failures, a display case will not be included in this listing.

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