• Scale Cars

    ZoomOn Subaru 22B STi

    I love the 22B – not because of its legendary performance icon status or what it means historically to Subaru – I just like that it’s a 2-door STi, something we haven’t gotten in decades. I’d probably own a Subaru by now if they offered an AWD performance coupe.

  • Scale Cars

    Fujimi Toyota MR-S (Fun Sports Package)

      After completing an SW20 and an AW11 over a year ago, we’re finally here – saving the best MR2 for last (nope, no bias here). I built my own Lotus Evora out of a Bburago model a few months ago – this time this Fujimi MR-S will be modeled after my second car, a 2004 Toyota MR2 Spyder. Unlike…

  • Scale Cars

    Bburago Lotus Evora

    After years of modeling and building scale cars – sometimes even building unique replica cars for other owners, I’m finally taking the chance to do a replica of a car I actually own. It’s not JDM, and the base model isn’t even a traditional plastic model from Tamiya or Aoshima.

  • Gunpla,  High Grade

    HG Gundam G40 (Industrial Sonico Design Ver.)

    I haven’t properly built and finished a Gunpla model in…probably over three or four years? Cars have taken over and ruined my life. I’ve started lots of Gunpla projects and have failed to follow through on any of them in that time…until now. This was an impulse buy just for the heck of it from Bandai’s pop-up booth in LA…