• Gunpla,  High Grade

    HGUC Gundam AN-01 Tristan

      I mentioned during Anime Expo this past year that I was eyeing up the newly released Tristan Gundam when I saw it on display at the show. Upon its initial release, it was immediately panned – every review pointed out how it was a 2004 model in a 2017 box – which I won’t refute here, it’s true. I…

  • Gunpla,  Life

    Southern California Gundam Model Competition 2017

    Second time coming through to Fullerton in Southern California to participate in SCGMC – I wasn’t originally going to go this year because I hadn’t built anything noteworthy since last year that I wanted to submit in the contest, but as it turns out I ended up cobbling together something last-minute a month before the competition and entered it anyway.

  • Gunpla,  High Grade

    HGCC Turn A Gundam

    I’ll admit – I’ve never actually given Turn A a chance in terms of watching the entire series, if only because I simply haven’t gotten easy access to it. I know some peripheral information about its titular mobile suit just from picking up bits and pieces here in other Gundam shows and in the community, but I suppose I’ll never…

  • Gunpla,  High Grade

    HGCE Force Impulse Gundam

    I knew it would pay to wait on a HGCE Impulse. I very nearly bought the old HG model from Destiny‘s release after I convinced myself it wasn’t so bad (this took nearly 3 days of staring at the old kit until it started looking blurry and indistinct) but Bandai made all my worries moot by just throwing a new…

  • Life

    Southern California Gundam Model Competition 2016

    Ironic now that I’m in a period of time when I’m building models less and less frequently that I actually attend my first large-scale model competition. In fact this contest was the sole motivation for me to finish a kit that was rotting away in my backlog for nearly two years. For those unfamiliar, the SCGMC is an annual model…