• Pacific Rim

    NECA 7″ Cherno Alpha

    Cherno Alpha – the fan-favorite Russian Jaeger of Pacific Rim, whom like fellow Jaeger Crimson Typhoon, got the short end of the stick on-screen. Not gonna lie, I’ve never really been fond of this Jaeger design since its release. I didn’t really see the appeal of a giant nuclear reactor in place of a traditional head, but for some reason…

  • Pacific Rim

    NECA 7″ Coyote Tango

    Coyote Tango, the Japanese Jaeger featured in merely a flashback in Pacific Rim. This marks NECA’s third new Jaeger mold for the 7″ figure series, and is part of their third wave. I had mentioned getting this one in the mail a while back, along with fellow Mark I Jaeger Cherno Alpha, which I will get around to in due time. I…

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    New Additions

    Had a package come in lately much sooner than I expected – I had placed a pre-order for this particular assortment a month or so in advance, but I didn’t actually keep tabs on release dates. Turns out the items I had pre-ordered had slipped out into the public market quietly and discreetly, though I’m just glad to get my…

  • Pacific Rim

    NECA 7″ Crimson Typhoon

    “Crimson Typhoon. China. One of the Greatest. Assembled in Changzhou. Full titanium core, no alloys. Fifty diesel engines per muscle strand. Deadly, precise fighter.” *Cue Typhoon getting curb-stomped by Otachi in under a minute*