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    Anime Expo 2018: Days 3 & 4

    The second half of our 2018 Anime Expo revolved very heavily around the Masquerade show on Day 3. The big show is our first experience in a cosplay contest, despite over four years of building Gundam armors and taking them to ‘con. As per tradition, Day 4 was reserved for shopping around the Exhibit Hall and Artist Alley.

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    Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 7

    We’re on seven build logs now, and this isn’t even the last chapter. I can’t tell if this suit is just taking the longest out of anything we’ve ever built (probably) or we’re just documenting more of it (unlikely). Regardless, the actual Titan suit is just about 100% done now – the only things left are finishing up the ranger/trooper…

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    Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 3

    It’s a surreal experience having our roles reversed and having me suit up in the armor for once instead of my partner. I now know how it feels to lean around awkwardly as someone else reaches for the buckles and straps to put me inside a foam shell. But alas, it only goes on me now because we designed it…

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    Figma Zero Suit Samus

      I consider myself a pretty hardcore Metroid fan – I’ll defend the series to my grave and praise Other M’s story even as it hurts my soul to do so. Despite all that, I actually only really have an affinity for Samus’ armored forms – all her Zero Suit incarnations were whatever to me. Skin-tight blue bodysuits are sexy…

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    Figma Link Twilight Princess Ver. (DX Edition)

      I had counted myself out of the Figma game a while ago – I sold off nearly every single one I used to own, and told myself that it would be more worthwhile focusing on other collections in the meantime. But then Max Factory pulled a fast one by announcing multiple new Nintendo Figmas, most notably showing off that…