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    Anime Expo 2016: Day 1

    Last year I said I wouldn’t be coming back – that I was done with AX because it wasn’t quite as enjoyable anymore. I obviously lied. Back for another annual show, though I’d be lying again if I said my main motivation for coming at all wasn’t because I co-built a suit of Gundam armor to show off at the…

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    Operation Barbatos: Form 5

    Scraping by the deadline by the skin of our teeth. Worked on the first full test fitment well into the actual morning of the Expo – we only pulled the suit off and worked out the final kinks at around 3am. Dedication, sweat, and tears are required to pull off a project of this magnitude in the time span we…

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    Operation Barbatos: Form 4

    Only four days left as of this writing until the big day – I thought we’d have a few days before the Expo to cool off and chill out, but it looks like the deadline is breathing down our necks once again. The upside is that we’re very close to actually being finished – he can wear half the suit…

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    Operation Barbatos: Form 3

    Nearly done building – it really starts to come together and look like an actual suit when the legs enter the picture. A good amount of parts have also already been plasti-dipped and primed, which means we just have to work on fitment and painting as the next major steps.

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    Operation Barbatos: Form 2

    Back-to-back building days so far; I don’t think we’ve ever just chugged through an armor as consistently as we are now. I’ve noticed that I’m slowly burning out though – I was most productive that first day with the helmet – now I’ll barely make half a shoulder before deciding it’s the next day’s business to finish up.