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    Tamiya Toyota Supra + Hobby Design Modification Kits

    Took me long enough to get to the iconic A80. Can’t believe I’ve built the new A90 before its much more iconic predecessor. I’ve had this Tamiya Supra and the Hobby Design Modification Kits set sitting around for literal years – for some reason it was just tough to always force myself back into this build.

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    Anime Expo 2017: Day 1

    Day one was an adventure – moreso than most other day ones. Admittedly we didn’t do much at all; a test run of the suit and one panel was just about all we had the energy for, given that we literally didn’t finish the suit until 7am the morning of the Expo.

  • Scale Cars

    Revell Fast and Furious Brian’s Mitsubishi Eclipse

    After discovering the miracles that are Japanese car kits, I told myself that I would never go back to building plebeian American-made model kits. Revell was actually the reason I stayed away from building vehicles like cars for so long. I remember the first time I tried one when I was in middle school was an Audi R8 from them…