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    Anime Expo 2015: Day 1

    We made it. Got through day one somehow, though I didn’t personally enjoy it much. I have to admit, AX is getting a bit old. I’m not feeling the same excitement anymore for the event as a whole, so it may very well be my last time. Either way, the actual convention is as big and as loud as ever;…

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    Operation 𝜈 : Turn 5

    The last phase is at hand; Anime Expo is technically already in session but I’m lagging a bit so here’s the last episode of our armor-crafting adventure this year. We barely scraped together and only did our first actual full-final fitting at the Expo on Day 1.

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    Operation 𝜈 : Turn 4

    Core building is 90% done; we’ll be starting to throw some color on there soon. He looks a bit top-heavy now without proper feet/shoes, but those will be done in good time.

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    Operation 𝜈 : Turn 3

    It’s coming together…surprisingly quickly. When you’re working on something this big nearly every day of the week for several hours at a time the whole experience tends to just blur together. It seemed very segmented in previous years, though now it seems like everything’s just rushing together, with no brakes on this cosplay train. We still have more than a…

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    Operation 𝜈 : Turn 2

    This build log is going to be kind of whack. In years previous, it would be a post per day we worked on the armor, but that was when I actually had the time to write a log entry at the end of each day. Nowadays, we go hard until around 1AM (average end time) so I don’t exactly have…