• Cosplay

    Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 4

    It feels like we didn’t get much accomplished during this session because almost all the suit building is done. The body parts (sans the gloves for the hands) are all there, so the focus of this weekend was to start pushing out the accessories and make the entire suit fit on a human body. The smaller details like color breakup,…

  • Cosplay

    Operation Qan[T]: Part 3

    We’ve (nearly) become complete Gundam. About a week’s fruitful efforts have yielded something that looks vaguely like a 00 Qan[T] Gundam. You probably didn’t recognize us because of the red arm lack of shield though.

  • Cosplay

    Operation Qan[T]: Part 2

    I’m fairly certain we’re making double time compared to previous years. I can admittedly feel myself slowly burning out and losing steam as we build every day back-to-back, but it’s good progress nonetheless. Thankfully the Gundam we chose to build this year doesn’t have a crazy big accessory tacked onto it or a complex design in each body panel to…

  • Cosplay

    Operation Qan[T]: Part 1

    Same stuff, different year. Kind of. Anime Expo is just two weeks away at this point and we just barely got started on this year’s armor. As usual, it’s mainly a two-man job – with some extra help sprinkled around here and there. Ironically I can never remember when we start building each year – I assume it’s usually around…

  • Life

    Operation Barbatos: Form 2

    Back-to-back building days so far; I don’t think we’ve ever just chugged through an armor as consistently as we are now. I’ve noticed that I’m slowly burning out though – I was most productive that first day with the helmet – now I’ll barely make half a shoulder before deciding it’s the next day’s business to finish up.