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    Anime Expo 2018: Days 1 & 2

    Anime Expo week is always a whirlwind of last-minute cosplay repairs and exhaustion walking the halls of the convention center with little sleep, but this year seems particularly grueling. The Wing Gundam suit is turning out to be our toughest Gundam to bring to ‘con, and it’s been an uphill battle getting it to work as intended. The last build…

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    Anime Expo 2017: Day 1

    Day one was an adventure – moreso than most other day ones. Admittedly we didn’t do much at all; a test run of the suit and one panel was just about all we had the energy for, given that we literally didn’t finish the suit until 7am the morning of the Expo.

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    Anime Expo 2016: Day 1

    Last year I said I wouldn’t be coming back – that I was done with AX because it wasn’t quite as enjoyable anymore. I obviously lied. Back for another annual show, though I’d be lying again if I said my main motivation for coming at all wasn’t because I co-built a suit of Gundam armor to show off at the…

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    Anime Expo 2015: Day 1

    We made it. Got through day one somehow, though I didn’t personally enjoy it much. I have to admit, AX is getting a bit old. I’m not feeling the same excitement anymore for the event as a whole, so it may very well be my last time. Either way, the actual convention is as big and as loud as ever;…