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    Robo Toy Fest – May 2015

    Been on a bit of a hiatus lately – haven’t posted in a month now. School’s picking up and wrapping up, so life’s been getting in the way a bit. I didn’t want to leave the site hanging again after my last absence, but things happen. Thankfully I’m back with an event coverage though – just paid Robo Toy Fest…

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    Christmas 2014 – Room Revamp

    December 25th strikes again, though this won’t be a traditional Christmas post. This holiday season, I haven’t really received or given any gifts proper, but that’s hardly necessary when it’s pretty much been Christmas for me since September. Recently, I’ve been totally rehashing my living quarters, appearance, wardrobe – you name it. For reasons unspoken, I wanted to refurbish my…

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    Robo Toy Fest – December 2014

    Yet another experience at the usual invincible robot toy show this winter, right before Christmas rolls around. This would be my fourth time stopping by, having come non-stop for the past two years now. I’ll admit it loses its luster a bit with each visit, but there’s no doubt that we snagged the best deals this time around.