• Cosplay

    Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 6

    Winter is coming, which means school’s wrapping up with finals papers and life-ending exams, which in turn means we had to skip last week’s build session. This week’s will also be short since we only had a day to work instead of our usual two, but thankfully our deadline has been graciously extended to the end of the year (it…

  • Cars

    Aoshima Veilside Combat R Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

    I suppose now would be a good time to mention that as of the last year, my interests and hobbies have shifted slightly towards the automotive spectrum – that is to say, I got my first car and suddenly became engrossed in the automotive enthusiast scene. It’s a large reason why I’ve cut down so much on the plastic model…

  • Gunpla,  Master Grade

    MG Sinanju OVA Ver.

    I’ve been putting off this kit’s photoshoot and post writeup for probably about a year now because of how much a hassle handling the kit is. It was one of those that I finished building and immediately threw into the glass towers, never to be touched again until the stars aligned. I’m finally getting rid of it now though; auctioning…

  • Gunpla,  High Grade

    HG Iron Beargguy F (Family)

    Finally back with another kit review, and a custom no less. Once again, this kit isn’t actually mine. The same friend who lent me their HG AGE-2 Dark Hound for painting also requested a custom scheme on this Beargguy F, which we bought at Robo Toy Fest last December.

  • 1/100 Customs,  Gunpla

    HG 1/100 Master Gundam Chinan Custom

    Another 1/100 custom, once again based on an existing Build Fighters custom suit. I’ve never actually watched G Gundam, but I’ve done a bit of reading up on it so I know what generally happens in-show. I knew what series Master Gundam was from instantly when I saw Master Chinan’s glorious entrance in the last episode of Build Fighters; this…