• Scale Cars

    Tamiya Honda S2000 + Hobby Design Modification Kits

    The S2000 is unique in the model world I think, for having a ton of aftermarket availability. There are some cars like the 370z that have almost no aftermarket parts available for them off the shelf – the S2000 has almost every aftermarket parts producer I’ve worked with make something for it. I’ve been excited to collect parts for this…

  • Scale Cars

    Bburago Lotus Evora

    After years of modeling and building scale cars – sometimes even building unique replica cars for other owners, I’m finally taking the chance to do a replica of a car I actually own. It’s not JDM, and the base model isn’t even a traditional plastic model from Tamiya or Aoshima.

  • Cosplay

    Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom Helmet

      I wouldn’t normally dedicate an entire build log/post to just a helmet build, but this is going to be part of me trying to make up for no Gundam cosplay log these past two years (in 2019 because we didn’t have time to log anything, in 2020 because Anime Expo was cancelled just like the rest of the world).…

  • Scale Cars

    FuelMe Subaru WRX STi VARIS [Full Resin Kit]

      I feel like I’ve been whining about the lack of a 1/24 VA chassis WRX/STi for a while now. Back when I first built the Aoshima GRB it was only because that was the most modern STi kit we got, and I wasn’t truly on board with the hatch body (which was all that was available, sans the sedan…