• Handmade,  Video Games

    Polymer Clay Skyward Sword Hylian Shield

    This is an old one, but still what I consider to be my clay masterpiece. I had made this shield a long, long time ago for an old friend and mentor who was going to study abroad in Germany. It was a sort of farewell and thank you present for everything he had done for me. I’ve made quite a…

  • Figma,  Video Games

    Figma Link

      What’s this? A presentable action figure of one of video game history’s most legendary and revered figures? An actual articulated, detailed, and quality figure of Link, the Hero of Time/Winds/Twilight? I could hear the fanboys/fangirls squealing already (including myself) when the first pictures of this Figma hit the net. At long last, it’s here.