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    Anime Expo 2017: Day 4

    The promised wind-down day finally arrived, and while some parts of this ‘con felt painfully grueling, Day 4 came and went nearly in the blink of an eye. All the halls close earlier and the crowds grow thinner, with less cosplayers and events sprinkled throughout the day.

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    Real Action Heroes Link

    Real Action Heroes Link…I’m just going to go ahead and put this thing right now on its pedestal of most anticipated Zelda figure/collectable in the last few years. Medicom’s first prototype images of a 1/6 scale Link based on his Skyward Sword incarnation was nothing to be scoffed at; it looked gorgeous. I placed my preorder no later than a…

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    Polymer Clay Skyward Sword Hylian Shield

    This is an old one, but still what I consider to be my clay masterpiece. I had made this shield a long, long time ago for an old friend and mentor who was going to study abroad in Germany. It was a sort of farewell and thank you present for everything he had done for me. I’ve made quite a…

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    Polymer Clay Toon Link

    Had a jolly holiday season this year spending the Sunday before Christmas going on a straight 18-hour clay molding/sculpting spree. You know I’m desperate when I throw myself that deep into my crafts. Rather than blowing a gaping hole in my nonexistent debt-swallowed wallet on a pair of designer heels or some expensive jewelery for my girlfriend, I instead decided…