• Cosplay

    Operation Qan[T]: Part 3

    We’ve (nearly) become complete Gundam. About a week’s fruitful efforts have yielded something that looks vaguely like a 00 Qan[T] Gundam. You probably didn’t recognize us because of the red arm lack of shield though.

  • Gunpla,  Master Grade

    MG Acguy

    Haven’t written on an unpainted straight-build kit in quite some time – as plain as my All Gundam Project may look, I assure you just about none of them are that color accurate straight out of the box. This Acguy is only an exception to my paint-everything rule because it’s not my kit, though I confess I actually coveted this…

  • Gunpla,  Master Grade

    MG Slash Zaku II Phantom

    It started as a regular ‘ol MG Zaku II 2.0 – my friend and I picked it up as sort of an impulse buy nearly two years ago (or more, I honestly can’t remember) at our local hobby shop while there was a big sale going on. It should be pretty obvious just by perusing the Gunpla catalogue on this…

  • Gunpla,  Master Grade

    MG Sinanju OVA Ver.

    I’ve been putting off this kit’s photoshoot and post writeup for probably about a year now because of how much a hassle handling the kit is. It was one of those that I finished building and immediately threw into the glass towers, never to be touched again until the stars aligned. I’m finally getting rid of it now though; auctioning…

  • Gunpla,  Master Grade

    MG Universe Booster/Star Build Strike Gundam

    Bandai only ever released the MG Build Strike Gundam once, in its Full Package configuration. But given that its mid-season upgrade – the Star Build Strike – is pretty much 90% the same, Bandai decided to spare their poor, blindly loyal fanbase and release all the necessary components for the Star Build Strike as a separate stand-alone package. This would…