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    Operation Virtue: Phase 8

    After 8 sessions together with my partner, after 8 days of working together non-stop, we’ve finally tasted the fruit of all our efforts. All our hard work has paid off. How can I say this with such certainty? My comrade actually looks like a Gundam with the armor on, and not a giant FedEx shipping box.

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    Operation Virtue: Phase 7

    The deadline is coming up way too fast, and today’s work was rather rushed since my colleague and I are in full blown lets-get-this-shit-done-now mode. So in the past few days, we basically both realized that there is still a good amount of stuff to get done, and considering our work ethic when we work together, it would be nigh-impossible…

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    Newtypes or Coordinators?

    I dunno, I just found this hilarious given the amount of dissent and hatred between each Gundam series’s fans in the community. I love both Seed and UC, but I’m sure if this were posted to any thread/forum/Gundam site it would cause an uproar~