• Scale Cars

    Aoshima Nissan GT-R (R35) ’14 Pure Edition

    Finally getting around to an R35 – I’ve been meaning to build the current GT-R for a while now, but kept getting sidelined by Skylines. Ironically, this isn’t a kit for myself – the president of my university’s car club drives a black 2013 R35, and he just so happened to have a lot of parts on his car that…

  • Gunpla,  High Grade

    HGUC Gundam AN-01 Tristan

      I mentioned during Anime Expo this past year that I was eyeing up the newly released Tristan Gundam when I saw it on display at the show. Upon its initial release, it was immediately panned – every review pointed out how it was a 2004 model in a 2017 box – which I won’t refute here, it’s true. I…

  • Scale Cars

    Aoshima Subaru Impreza WRX STi GRB + USCP Sedan Transkit

    The STi is an iconic childhood car for me – ironically because one of my earliest memories as a child was of playing with an Alternators Smokescreen Transformer toy that turned into a Subaru WRC. I like them even more now that I’m familiar with their performance and pedigree, to the point where I was deadly close to pulling the…

  • Scale Cars

    Tamiya Eunos (Mazda) Roadster MX-5 (Miata NA)

    My second Miata now – though I guess this isn’t really a Mazda or a Miata – officially it’s a Eunos Roadster. But really, it’s an MX-5. I’ve already built the latest and greatest ND, so now I figure it was good time to revisit the best-selling sportscar’s roots – the original happy little NA.

  • Scale Cars

    Fujimi Honda Integra Type R DC5 (Acura RSX)

    Before I get put on blast and hosed by all the JDM purist fanatics out there…yes I know this isn’t actually an Acura, or an RSX, it’s 100% purebred Integra Type R, but the name is in the title to help associate those who aren’t as familiar with overseas model trims. I would’ve preferred an actual Acura RSX as a…