• Pacific Rim

    NECA 7″ Cherno Alpha

    Cherno Alpha – the fan-favorite Russian Jaeger of Pacific Rim, whom like fellow Jaeger Crimson Typhoon, got the short end of the stick on-screen. Not gonna lie, I’ve never really been fond of this Jaeger design since its release. I didn’t really see the appeal of a giant nuclear reactor in place of a traditional head, but for some reason…

  • Pacific Rim

    NECA 7″ Coyote Tango

    Coyote Tango, the Japanese Jaeger featured in merely a flashback in Pacific Rim. This marks NECA’s third new Jaeger mold for the 7″ figure series, and is part of their third wave. I had mentioned getting this one in the mail a while back, along with fellow Mark I Jaeger Cherno Alpha, which I will get around to in due time. I…

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    New Additions

    Had a package come in lately much sooner than I expected – I had placed a pre-order for this particular assortment a month or so in advance, but I didn’t actually keep tabs on release dates. Turns out the items I had pre-ordered had slipped out into the public market quietly and discreetly, though I’m just glad to get my…

  • Pacific Rim

    NECA 7″ Gipsy Danger

    Pacific Rim’s hero Jaeger, the US of A’s proud Gipsy Danger. The main mecha’s always gotta be the simplest and most well-rounded robot of the bunch. NECA’s first installment in this franchise fell short of many collector’s expectations and didn’t really achieve popularity until after the movie hit theaters in the first place. But that didn’t stop it from having its…

  • Pacific Rim

    NECA 7″ Crimson Typhoon

    “Crimson Typhoon. China. One of the Greatest. Assembled in Changzhou. Full titanium core, no alloys. Fifty diesel engines per muscle strand. Deadly, precise fighter.” *Cue Typhoon getting curb-stomped by Otachi in under a minute*