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    Anime Expo 2015: Day 3

    Happy independence day. Nothing like some animu, cosplay, and gratuitous spending to celebrate our beloved nation. We didn’t quite stick around long enough today to see some LA fireworks (we have in the past) but we had some good fun in the Entertainment Hall just perusing in cosplay the whole time.

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    Operation 𝜈 : Turn 2

    This build log is going to be kind of whack. In years previous, it would be a post per day we worked on the armor, but that was when I actually had the time to write a log entry at the end of each day. Nowadays, we go hard until around 1AM (average end time) so I don’t exactly have…

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    Operation 𝜈 : START

    It’s that time of year once again. Anime Expo is exactly two weeks away, which means my comrade and I are continuing the annual suit-up with more cardboard and duct-tape goodness.