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    MP-10 Optimus Prime (2012 TRU Release)

    Finally getting around to the big O himself – I remember coveting this release for the longest time before finally snagging a used version on eBay as part of a bundle set. New versions were going for obscene prices ($300~) since this was before the recent reissue. As such, I didn’t really have any qualms buying a used item as…

  • Transformers

    Transformers Armada Deluxe Class Optimus Prime

    Finally starting with my Armada line-up, figured it would be appropriate to kick off with the series’ most loved and iconic character. Remember that giant bin of Transformers goodness from over a year ago? (You probably don’t, it’s okay the link is there to refresh your memory.) I’ve sold pretty much everything from that bin sans the Armada stuff. I…

  • Life,  Pacific Rim,  Transformers

    New Additions

    Had a package come in lately much sooner than I expected – I had placed a pre-order for this particular assortment a month or so in advance, but I didn’t actually keep tabs on release dates. Turns out the items I had pre-ordered had slipped out into the public market quietly and discreetly, though I’m just glad to get my…

  • Energon,  Transformers

    Transformers Energon Leader Class Optimus Prime

    Energon Optimus Prime…out of the Unicron trilogy Primes, (of which I’ve proudly owned all three simultaneously now thanks to this) this guy’s the most underwhelming of the lot. I’ve owned this toy before as a child, and other than being a design wreck, it’s also considerably smaller than its brother Primes, most notably in Super Mode.