• Gunpla,  High Grade

    HG Gundam AGE-1 Spallow (Hotsuma Custom)

      So, uh, this isn’t my kit, nor my custom idea. The same client who’s commissioned my work on the┬áVirtual-On Temjin kits in the past requested this one as a quick repaint/mod build. The AGE-1 Spallow always had a very ninja/shinobi motif going for it, what with the emphasis on covert speed and its armor design. The client’s request to…

  • 1/24 Scale Cars

    Aoshima Nissan Leopard Ultima (Infiniti M30)

      Confession: as someone who very much adores underrated cars and makes a point to own them for the sake of being different, I’ve never heard of this car before, and even after building it, it doesn’t seem like the kind of car I’d normally be interested in. Just let me drown in my mainstream hotboi GT-Rs and WRXs. So,…

  • 1/24 Scale Cars

    Revell ’92 Mazda Miata MX-5

    I’ve already built an NA Miata before – but last time I didn’t build it with pop-ups, atrocious camber, or racing stripes. My next few kits will likely be rebuilds – as much as I want to get to new cars, I find myself more and more dissatisfied with my past builds as I think of the potential of doing…

  • Cosplay

    Operation Meteor: Part 5

      As the deadline for ‘con gets closer, we find ourselves crunching hard to get the details for this suit out. Construction is now nearly complete; we can start sealing and painting certain parts, but it’ll take a lot more prep than usual since we plan to hold this armor to a higher standard and actually enter a competition with…

  • Cosplay

    Operation Meteor: Part 2

      Only the second time we’re getting together for the build, but we’ve already got most of the actual body hashed out. This is nearly zero to Gundam in four days. I like to think we’ve become more efficient at mobile suit design and production since we’ve been doing this for five years now.