• Scale Cars

    Fujimi Mazdaspeed RX-8 A-Spec

      I’ve always really liked these cars, even if the RX-8 lived most of its life being the little brother that just wasn’t good enough or as cool as its iconic predecessor, the RX-7. The factory fender bulge arches and insanely cool rear suicide doors spoke to me on a existential level. At one point I almost bought one, but…

  • Scale Cars

    Tamiya Honda (Acura) NSX Type R

      The NSX feels weirdly underrated, despite really being Japan’s premier supercar. This is in light of the numerous articles and news coverage pointing to this car taking the likes of Ferrari back to school on how to make a real quality performance machine – so even though this is technically a Type R model (which traditionally should be Champion…

  • 1/100 Customs,  Gunpla

    1/100 Turn A Gundam TAKU Custom

    Haven’t done a 1/100 custom in a while, but I haven’t given up on growing the line quite yet. This is an older project I finished up quite some time ago, but in keeping with tradition I’m only getting around to writing this up months after I’ve completed it. Come summer though, I should have much more time to keep…

  • Gunpla,  Master Grade

    MG Deathscythe Gundam EW

    Ah, the Deathscythe, a mobile suit revered by many in the Gundam community. I never really understood why so many people loved its design, especially its Custom iteration from the Endless Waltz movie. I mean sure, bat wings are cool and all, but I personally never found it worth fanboying about.