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    ZoomOn Subaru 22B STi

    I love the 22B – not because of its legendary performance icon status or what it means historically to Subaru – I just like that it’s a 2-door STi, something we haven’t gotten in decades. I’d probably own a Subaru by now if they offered an AWD performance coupe.

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    FuelMe Subaru WRX STi VARIS [Full Resin Kit]

      I feel like I’ve been whining about the lack of a 1/24 VA chassis WRX/STi for a while now. Back when I first built the Aoshima GRB it was only because that was the most modern STi kit we got, and I wasn’t truly on board with the hatch body (which was all that was available, sans the sedan…

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    Tamiya Subaru BRZ Street Custom + C1 Models BLITZ Transkit

      I’ve built a Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S before…but never a Subaru BRZ. So this is a totally different build of a totally different car. Right? That’s how this works? The FR-S has actually since been taken apart for parts since I wasn’t very happy with how that build turned out – eventually I’ll be rebuilding it (maybe with a…

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    Aoshima Subaru Impreza WRX STi GRB + USCP Sedan Transkit

    The STi is an iconic childhood car for me – ironically because one of my earliest memories as a child was of playing with an Alternators Smokescreen Transformer toy that turned into a Subaru WRC. I like them even more now that I’m familiar with their performance and pedigree, to the point where I was deadly close to pulling the…

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    OC Auto Show 2017

    This isn’t something I’d normally do – we’ve covered plenty of Gunpla and otaku-centric events around here, but I’ve made a point of abstaining from writing much on car meets and shows. I figured it was finally time to break that ice now though, since I build more car models nowadays than I do Gunpla. The OC Auto Show is…