• Gunpla,  Life

    Southern California Gundam Model Competition 2017

    Second time coming through to Fullerton in Southern California to participate in SCGMC – I wasn’t originally going to go this year because I hadn’t built anything noteworthy since last year that I wanted to submit in the contest, but as it turns out I ended up cobbling together something last-minute a month before the competition and entered it anyway.

  • Life

    Operation 𝜈 : START

    It’s that time of year once again. Anime Expo is exactly two weeks away, which means my comrade and I are continuing the annual suit-up with more cardboard and duct-tape goodness.

  • Animu,  Life

    Operation NT-D: Episode 3

    Three days to show time. Given this is only the third real time I’ve worked with my partner on the armor, a lot of it was done by him alone. We’re really crunching on this one, and the rushed effort shows. Most of the armor is taking shape this time around, though a very important aspect has yet to be…

  • Animu

    Newtypes or Coordinators?

    I dunno, I just found this hilarious given the amount of dissent and hatred between each Gundam series’s fans in the community. I love both Seed and UC, but I’m sure if this were posted to any thread/forum/Gundam site it would cause an uproar~