• Cosplay

    Operation Meteor: Part 2

      Only the second time we’re getting together for the build, but we’ve already got most of the actual body hashed out. This is nearly zero to Gundam in four days. I like to think we’ve become more efficient at mobile suit design and production since we’ve been doing this for five years now.

  • Cosplay

    Operation Meteor: Part 1

      Summer’s rolling in, which of course means Anime Expo is too. It feels like we barely got a break from building cosplay armor since we had a little commission project this last winter, but the regularly scheduled show still rolls on as we get to our next Gundam armor – this time from the After Colony era. We considered…

  • 1/24 Scale Cars

    Fujimi Honda CR-Z Mugen

    I’ve always liked the CR-Z’s styling as a sporty and stylish little hatchback – even if its performance credentials couldn’t quite cash the check its looks wrote. I didn’t plan to build it so soon, but I happened to stumble across the Mugen model in person at a hobby shop around L.A., so I figured why not – beats having…

  • Gunpla,  High Grade

    HGAC Wing Gundam

    Delving into the After Colony timeline with my All Gundam Project now – this HGAC Wing was one of the first flagship models of Bandai’s new HG lineup when Gundam Build Fighters first aired. I’ve decided to go through my lead Gundam builds by doing a starter suit from each series first – Strike has already been done for SEED,…