Gunpla,  Master Grade

MG RX-78-4 Gundam Unit 4 “G04”


The RX-78-4 was one of those controversial Master Grades that didn’t really have a real inner frame despite the technology of the time allowing it to do so. Bandai jumps the wagon and does some downright crazy things sometimes but I didn’t really see any viable reason for them to skimp on a frame for the Gundam G04 and G05. Not that it really mattered to me; UC Gundams tend to look more stoic and less dynamic anyways.

From what I understand this suit has a “ground mode” and a “space mode” shown below respectively. Didn’t care for ground mode since the added space armor just fills it out more and you get the big beam water gun with the latter so why not.

RX-78-4 Gundam G04RX-78-4 Gundam G04 (Space Ver.)

The G04 hails from a side-story Gundam video game, from what I remember, though I only picked the kit up out of impulse and because I liked the blue color scheme.

Nothing particularly challenging or spectacular about the build and kit itself; very average fare. Average articulation, details, pretty much everything. Can’t say I have too many grips with this kit nor praise.

I went ahead and did a good amount of detailing with paint for this thing, mostly on the backpack area. The little orange and gray bits on the thruster areas were all hand painted. No stickers were used, though I did make use of some water slide decals throughout the model. Blue “eyeliner” under the eyes was a personal touch; actual suit never looked like that.


The giant water gun beam cannon isn’t a particularly impressive weapon. Sure, it has a fancy red cord running through to a power pack at the waist, but all that does is limit articulation at best.

Included are two of the most plain beam sabers you’ll ever see. The simplest weapons are the ones that are hardest to pose with.

Hey, the shield can collapse to become smaller. Fancy.


There’s really nothing noteworthy about this model; it’s a nice Master Grade and gets what it needs to do done. The build itself is even simpler due to the lack of an inner frame and doesn’t provide much. I’d really say only pick it up if you truly love the design, and simply can’t go without having it in your collection.


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