• Animu

    Newtypes or Coordinators?

    I dunno, I just found this hilarious given the amount of dissent and hatred between each Gundam series’s fans in the community. I love both Seed and UC, but I’m sure if this were posted to any thread/forum/Gundam site it would cause an uproar~

  • Animu,  Life

    Operation Virtue: Phase 4

    Let there be color! So we finally got around to getting the proper paints, or more specifically, my colleague did. As I discussed before in Phase 2, we’ve decided to roll with generic house paints on this project, since they go on much easier and are somewhat less cancer-inducing than spray paints. (Not really, but there’s less fumes)

  • Animu,  Life

    Operation Virtue: Phase 3

    And another day of progress. It’s really nice being able to see each time how far we’ve come, I’m amazed that we’ve been able to work this fast. The RX-78-2 is really starting to take shape now, especially with the entire waist segment and torso completed. Can’t wait to slap some blue and red paint on there.