• Misc. Figures and Collectables

    Metal Build Exia Gundam

    I’ve never really had a thing for the Metal Build line…I used to always see the releases, Freedom, 00, etc. on news sites but immediately dismissed them. It seemed like such a small line, didn’t have any particularly defining or impressive features, and I wasn’t drawn or interested in any of the suits getting the treatment. But then, Robo Toy…

  • Animu,  Code Geass

    Composite Ver. Ka Shinkiro

    Hey look, another Shinkiro – I’m a huge Code Geass headgeek, and a huge fan of Lelouch’s personal Knightmares, the Shinkiro and Gawain. Black and gold forever. I had originally gotten the Robot Tamashii Shinkiro a while back, but when the Composite Ver. Ka was first announced, I was ecstatic.

  • Animu,  Figma

    Figma Black Gold Saw

      I’ve never really been partial to the Black Rock Shooter Figma line-up, mostly because there’s a lot more BRS merch out there in higher quality. The Figma’s are in no way bad or low in quality, but I’d personally prefer a Good Smile Company statuette over an average figurine. Now, this isn’t actually my Figma. My good friend purchased…

  • Animu,  Life

    Anime Expo 2013: Day 3

    Last day of Anime Expo. We won’t be going the fourth day since there really isn’t much to be done. To be fair, we’ve really had our fill with the last three days. Merch was bought, pictures taken, cosplays oogled. Best year yet.

  • Animu,  Life

    Anime Expo 2013: Day 2

    Day 2 was just as glorious as Day 1, minus the three hour line with endless sweating and pain. Today was both much cooler and easier to get through. It all goes by too quickly though; hard to believe tomorrow will be the last day.