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Anime Expo 2013: Day 2


Day 2 was just as glorious as Day 1, minus the three hour line with endless sweating and pain. Today was both much cooler and easier to get through. It all goes by too quickly though; hard to believe tomorrow will be the last day.


Upon arrival, first order of business is to suit up my comrade. The armor went through hell and back yesterday, and would only last one more day at the ‘con. Therefore tomorrow my colleague won’t be dressing up, though I still will.

The pieces are pretty badly banged up, but at this point we no longer give any feths. Most of it was just straight-up duct taped together, abandoning all notion of easy assembly and removal. Still, Operation Virtue managed to come back from two days of an anime convention alive and not in complete shambles, so it can be considered a success.


Suited up and ready to rock ‘n roll. Faceplate on this time.

The beam rifle is also more than a little banged up, but luckily, the paint peels reveal silver duct tape underneath, so it just looks like weathering/battle damage.


Zero once again, overlooking the peasants below.

Exhibit Hall first, as usual. Tons of ‘pla everywhere, absolutely gorgeous.

My comrade is a popular photo request. The armor is still being very well received today, with us barely getting anywhere before another person asks for a picture.

It proved to be especially popular at the Gundam Unicorn Episode 6 screening and panel, for obvious reasons.


Walking down the line to said panel together. Felt like such badasses. We got the most photo requests from all the Guntokas in the line for obvious reasons.

After the screening and panel though, it was pretty amazing to meet and take some shots with the Gundam Unicorn English voice director himself. He was just strutting around like a normal attendee, most people wouldn’t have known.

Some more ‘pla for the ‘pla gods. I swear, some of these custom jobs are insane. I can only wish I could build like that. Sadly, straight builds forever…

And as per usual, some great cosplays all around.

Props to my cameraman today, took much clearer photos. I admit Day 1 pictures were somewhat lacking in some areas, but he really stepped it up a notch today.


Speaking of great cosplays, we finally met another legit cardboard attendee.

None other than the leader of the Autobots himself…this guy’s costume was eerily similar to ours, right down to the sunglasses idea. We were originally going to have my comrade wear a pair of gold sunglasses with his outfit, but decided against it in the end because it looked silly. Mr. Prime pulls it off well though.


Robot brofist. All the good times shared.


On the topic of robot cosplays, guess what giant we saw today…

This guy. We don’t even know how, but it was just so amazing. His EVA had extensions for every limb, therefore expanding his height tremendously, and LEDs and a voice speaker installed. Absolutely stunning and awe-inspiring.

His first encounter with my comrade in his Gundam suit was amazing. A mob gathered for the show down. Took some really nice shots with those two.

Last bit of Gunpla. There was just so much, so much good stuff…

A good deal of more cosplay.

Some more of the Expo.

Comrade and I did plenty of shots together today, since it’s his last day in armor. Zero and Gundam, the universe’s most deadly combo.

P1030863 2

Attacking while he’s down.



And then suddenly: Char’s Counterattack.

Quite a bit of photos today for myself, and plan for even more tomorrow. I’m sincerely glad my costume’s been so well received so far, mostly because of the mask apparently. Will need to think of some new poses for tomorrow though.


Found myself a C.C. at last. Didn’t see any on the first day.


And then another! With her own Emperor Lelouch. Good to see more Code Geass around…


Also met my brother again for some better photos. Saw several Zeros at the ‘con today, but thus far I’m the only one with a mask.


There was even a Euphemia and Suzaku! Day made…

Also didn’t buy any merch today, though I was hunting hardcore for a nice Zero statue at the Exhibit Hall. We’ll have plenty of time to do that tomorrow though. Last day is buying day. Raking in all the merch.


My cameraman buddy, however, got himself a nice Black Gold Saw Figma today though. Left it with me for now to tinker with and make a review out of soon, hopefully.


Overall today was well and truly fabulous. Day 3 shall be last day, full of money leaving our wallets and endless hours of oogling animu merch.

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