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Figma Scarlet Rain


Another Accel World Figma action figure, this time of the second Red King, Scarlet Rain.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t originally gonna pick up this one when it was announced, but I wanted to keep the Accel World Figma collection going. She seemed like a great addition to Silver Crow and Black Lotus, and I was already supremely pleased with the previous two.

Scarlet Rain

Scarlet Rain’s avatar has got to be the most cutesy one yet…it’s legitimately like a sort of armored school-girl with a cherry head…


Rain is a good amount smaller and much more petite than the other Figmas, Lotus and Crow. As a result, she’s very compact and doesn’t have much extra stuff on her. She doesn’t even have the usual plug in the back for a Figma stand; too small for that!


I love Scarlet Rain for her simplicity…just playing around with the figure itself is entertaining enough, with her tiny form and huge play value. The joints are the usual Figma fare, and are all-around pretty free-moving.


The arms and legs are slightly restricted by design, mostly in the wrists that can’t move much. Once again you get the crazy torso movement that’s blended so well into the figure design…


A small black circle base with one peg for her feet is also included. Since she doesn’t really have any real feet to stand and balance on, you can plug her feet, both of which have holes on the bottom, into the stand. There’s only one peg on the stand so you can have the other leg doing whatever.


Something interesting this figure comes with is two of these little ice-skate like clear pieces that go in the feet. They peg right in and serve as makeshift blocks to allow the figure to stand independently.

I don’t usually like having them in. One of them is ridiculously loose, and falls out constantly, and you really won’t need them unless you’re posing Scarlet Rain in some super wide action pose.


I didn’t like Niko’s actual character design that much, but her Duel Avatar is redeemed with a brilliant ruby finish.


Scarlet’s main accessory, her little nerf gun. Loaded with anything from peanuts to the Judgement Blow. Pretty much the only accessory you can play around with for her, minus her large selection of hands. The only other stuff she comes with can’t really be “posed,” per se.

The gun fits in the hands snug, and can be plugged into both the right or left arms.

You’d think the Red King would have something a little more lethal or advanced for a basic armament though. It must suck having to call out an entire fortress just to fight a serious battle.


I have nothing against it for its design since I think it’s cute and compact, but for practicality, I wouldn’t expect it to be able to kill a stray bird.

To be fair though when things get tough Rain just whips out the castle of guns, so I can’t say much for her lacking firepower.

Unfortunately, the gun can’t be mounted on the waist as it is in the show.

Scarlet Rain comes with the same number of Figma hands as per usual figure, but she’s so much more fun to play around with due to her simple design and small size. It’s uncannily fun messing around with her swappable hands alone.

Did I mention how much play value she has as a figure alone yet?


Free hugs!


And of course, one of this Figma’s more defining gimmicks is the limited ability to recreate the cockpit of her Immobile Fortress.

A lot of extra goodies are given to make this happen; the standard Figma stand is included pretty much solely for this. As I mentioned before, Rain lacks the standard Figma hole-in-the-back stand plug, so a more traditional claw is given to hold her by the torso.


You get two barrels that plug into the forearms, removing the hands in the process. The plastic slab on the back plugs into the hinge of the clear display stand, and the two green wires are actually completely hard plastic; I had actually expected them to be made of wire-esque material or at least softer plastic, but nope. Any attempt at bending them would result in actual breakage.

My biggest quirk for this figure actually comes from these accessories. The green cables that connect into the back cannot connect into the back. Scarlet Rain’s plugs on her back aren’t actually deep; they’re more like little grooves that make it look more realistic and show-accurate.


However, the trade-off to this is that the cables will not and shall not stay pegged in. I had to fight with it for a good 20 minutes to get everything set and lined up for those three shots seen above. Once you finally get the cables lined up and have friction working for you to have them stay in the back, it’s a delicate set-up. The slightest brush will undo all your hard work in an instant.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I don’t care much for the Immobile Fortress cockpit gimmick at all. If it isn’t the entire fortress itself, get out. Scarlet Rain was actually perfectly fine without this, but I suppose to each their own. I’ll personally never be displaying her like this, but it’s a nice touch to have in its own way, given how little the Figma actually comes with.


Normally I’d have inked the panel lines on her as I did with Silver Crow, but didn’t quite find it necessary this time. The metallic red is pretty vibrant, and I don’t mind it.

The metallic green on the eyes and whatnot is pretty incredible as well.


Scarlet Rain is a pretty great figure for what she is. You honestly don’t get too much in the way of significant accessories with her, but her play value all but makes up for it. Like I said, the Immobile Fortress cockpit is a nice touch, but I personally find it quite meaningless.

Still, Rain is an incredibly cute figure and would go well with Crow and Lotus if you have them already. I’d say pick her up if you like the character; she doesn’t have the largest price tag on her head either.

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