Transformers Cybertron Deluxe Hot Shot


I’ve never actually watched the Cybertron series all the way through. I stopped with Energon, since apparently Cybertron turned into a complete continuity clusterfeth.

Still though, some of their designs aren’t too bad. Hot Shot certainly received a cosmetic upgrade from his Armada and Energon appearances.

Hot Shot

No longer a Bumblebee rehash sporting the usual yellow, Hot Shot has a fairly simplistic and conservative design. The vehicle mode kibble is rather obvious around the body, but he has standard articulation, moreso than any of his previous bodies anyways.



You can’t exactly see his fists given that the doors do actually extend beyond his arm, in which case I question how he reaches for and holds anything.


Though I guess he can hold his flat-gun thing. Hot Shot’s weapon of choice is sort of like a pancake gun – very flat and yellow. Standard firing missile as per most Transformers toys, nothing special other than the strange design…


I’m not gonna lie, the torso and head sculpt is actually pretty nice; it has a very pleasing toy-like feel, and Hot Shot himself is generally a very solid toy. You get all the basic articulation like bending knees and elbows without anything too flashy or fancy.


Speed Planet Cyber Key plugs into his back to activate two transparent yellow fins that flip out and…serve no real purpose. Seriously, a Cyber Key to flip out tiny piss-colored fins? You’re not even trying anymore, Hasbro…


Sports car mode. Not gonna lie, I’m actually very fond of this vehicle form; it’s just a very appealing design.


There’s nothing too outlandish about it, and it doesn’t show much robot kibble (unless you look through the windshield). It’s very solid and compact.


I have a thing for more conservative vehicle forms (planes and jets are a nightmare for me with those crazy wingspans). Hot Shot would look great in a collection of fellow Deluxe Class cars.


And of course, as per usual Transformer fare, the weapons must also be compatible in vehicle mode. Hot Shot’s gun mounts right on top of his engine block(?) in the rear. It looks even cornier and toy-like than ever, but hey what can you do when you need firepower and high speeds at the same time?


I suppose the tiny fins are slightly more relevant and practical in vehicle mode but still…why. They could’ve come up with a million gimmicks for the Cyber Key but it had to be something this lame…Hot Shot goes x3 faster now?


Overall, Hot Shot isn’t too bad of a deluxe figure, especially for his time. I like him for his simplistic design and very simple transformation (seriously, if you can’t figure it out just by looking at him, you shouldn’t be messing with TFs). I’m fairly certain he’s still pretty cheap online, given that Cybertron wasn’t very renowned and by extension didn’t have very highly-grossing figures.


  • El Santo

    Hot Shot sorta looks like Hot Rod with those fins out. Actually, he looks a little like Hot Rod in robot form, too. Was there a redeco of him at some point?

    That said, this toy looks great! I’m definitely adding him to my “Want” list.

    • James Pierce

      Nope, he’s an original mold for the series! But I’m sure they based a lot of his character off of Hot Rod; his personality and role in the stories seem to mirror Hot Rod too.

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