Transformers Generations Deluxe Warpath


A part of the same batch in which I picked up the iGear Hench and MP-10 Optimus Prime, this Generations Warpath was quite a random little figure that happened to land in my lap. I had never taken much interest in the Generations line, but I heard a lot of the toys that came out of it were either a hit or miss.


Warpath is a very simple figure – he doesn’t come with any extra accessories or anything – what you see here is the full package.

Given the general lack of accessories, there’s only so much you can do with this guy. He sports pretty basic articulation – nothing fancy, but has just about all the essentials down. Paint apps are also pretty well done, I like the dark red that’s true to the original Warpath and the silver is a nice accent.

I’m actually really liking the head; it’s very well detailed. I just wish the light piping was more…efficient, but what can you do.

Tank mode

Transformed, tank mode.

Warpath’s transformation is actually quite interesting; while I could generally figure it out without instructions, the torso folds around in all sorts of tricky ways.


The little missile on the right of the tank is spring-loaded and can of course fire at the push of a button. As per usual Transformer fare, the treads have little red wheels hidden in the middle to allow for some rolling.

The turret can turn and have the cannon barrel move up and down a few degrees, but overall nothing special with the alt mode here…


…or naw. I always love Transformers that can do this; adds a whole new flair to their character.


There’s really not much to this little guy. Warpath’s actually kind of boring – given his structure and lack of accessories, he doesn’t really have much play value. I find he looks best with his cannon extended in robot mode (it’s supposed to be retracted in biped form) in a firing position more than anything else. I’ll say for a G1 homage though, it works; it’s a pretty good modern take on Warpath’s original design.

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