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MP-06 Masterpiece Skywarp (Wal-Mart Exclusive)


Yes, Skywarp is actually getting his own review and photoshoot despite being the exact same mold as MP-03 Masterpiece Starscream. Why? I guess I just have an affinity for the black, purple, and silver that just manages to look so damn sexy on a Seeker body. Forget those ridiculous acid–green or sun-yellow Seeker recolors – if you’re gonna go for a Starscream variant then Skywarp’s The One.

This is officially the U.S. release of Masterpiece Skywarp; to my knowledge Takara Tomy released him in Japan in mostly accurate G1 colors, but Hasbro managed to acquire the mold and throw some even more accurate purple/silver/black goodness on there. I actually bought this guy off eBay along with my Masterpiece Starscream in a bundle pack for a steal of $80.00 USD.

F-15E Mode

Taking a look first at Skywarp’s F-15E Strike Eagle form. The breakup of black versus purple on this thing is pretty odd; only the two far tail fins are purple while the rest of the fuselage is a nice satin black.


Sidewinder missiles that come with Skywarp are colored to his scheme appropriately, with nice little paint apps on the tips of the wings here and there.


Unfortunately, since this is the Starscream mold, Skywarp still shares the same issue of having his jet mode nose bent downwards a bit, along with some parts of the fuselage never really clicking smoothly into place.


All the gimmicks I detailed with Starscream are also present here – opening nosecone, adjustable thrusters, opening canopy, wind brake, engine reveals, flight stabilizers, landing gear, etc.


And of course, up on the stand – null rays now deployed. The Sidewinders are capable of being pegged into the base for storage.


I can’t remember exactly if Skywarp himself actually came with that little black clip to carry Megatron in his gun form, but either way I didn’t bother showing that feature off here since it doesn’t really seem to be Skywarp’s place to do such a thing.


Moving right along to the transformation – note how I casually glossed over the vehicle form up there. I’m actively trying to avoid pointing things out and going, “just like Starscream” because well, once again, this is the exact same mold. I’ll be trying to talk about Skywarp as much as I can in all his exclusivity, but it’s hard to go about it without feeling like I’m just rewriting a preexisting review (at which point I’m almost tempted to just go copy and paste from the other said review) or constantly comparing it to something that’s obvious in its resemblance.


Anyway, as badass as Skywarp looked as a black F-15E, I’m an even bigger fan of his biped appearance. I’m honestly pretty torn between which I like more – Starscream’s R/W/B colors or Skywarp’s stylish and sexy black/purple. One of the original Seekers I’m for sure not a fan of is Thundercracker – make no mistake, I do own his Masterpiece, but that cyan just doesn’t do it for me.

I don’t know what it is, but something about Skywarp’s aesthetics just speak to me. Notice how the Decepticon insignia on his wings are actually facing the correct way this time, whereas Starscream had them upside down.


Obligatory flashing nipple missiles action. I can’t even remember if they came painted red or if I did those in.


I know for sure that I added some red for the vents in the legs though. I added a few touch ups here and there to have Skywarp conform more to his All Hail Megatron! comics appearance.


And of course, the face switching gimmick from Starscream is carried over with Skywarp, so at least you can have the two with different expressions on display. Despite Skywarp’s snarky and devilish personality, I think I prefer the neutral expression more. The smirk is Starscream trademark property after all.

Standard null rays are connected via peg action to the biceps while the Sidewinder missiles are stored on the wings where they were in vehicle form.

Note the conspicuous nubs present on Skywarp’s purple plastic hands. While they are excellently articulated, I didn’t quite have the same shade of purple paint to touch those up as I did for Starscream’s blue manipulators. Sad how even Masterpieces still bear the sins of mass produced figuredom, but I suppose it can’t be helped, especially since this is the Hasbro release.


As I showed off earlier with the F-15E form, the base is really standard Seeker fare. Skywarp’s Decepticon insignia is for whatever reason painted in metallic purple though, whereas Starscream’s was in flat lavender. Strange inconsistency, but I’m not going to argue it.


This. I honestly think this is one of the coolest displays ever. It just doesn’t look as cool with Starscream or Thundercracker standing bare on the base, but when Skywarp takes the stage the room’s badassary meter skyrockets. He legitimately looks like a statue rather than a transforming figure.


Flying high…or naw. The clear pole base is still as short as ever, barely allowing the Seekers to hover above their Autobot scum opponents.


As a Seeker, Skywarp literally brings nothing new to the table except a badass color scheme. This is assuming of course that most people have been exposed to Starscream first, and consider him as the quintessential Seeker. Technically all these others – Skywarp, Thundercracker, Acid Rain, etc. are all repaints and really only necessary if you’re a hardcore Masterpiece completest (I fall a little below that line).

Nevertheless though, I still think the three original Seekers make a great display together, despite Thundercracker not yet being featured. Skywarp has his own charm separate from Starscream, though that’s probably easier to recognize if you’re familiar with their in-series personalities.

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