• Masterpieces,  Transformers

    MP-10 Optimus Prime (2012 TRU Release)

    Finally getting around to the big O himself – I remember coveting this release for the longest time before finally snagging a used version on eBay as part of a bundle set. New versions were going for obscene prices ($300~) since this was before the recent reissue. As such, I didn’t really have any qualms buying a used item as…

  • Masterpieces,  Transformers

    MP-20 Masterpiece Wheeljack

    The Autobot’s notorious crackpot inventor and father of the Dinobots, Wheeljack finally gets his due Masterpiece treatment as another to join the ranks of the Autobot cars. Release info for Wheeljack was released alongside Bumblebee, if I recall correctly. People had been betting on a Masterpiece Bee since Starscream, but I’m sure Jackie here was much more of a surprise.

  • Pacific Rim

    Sideshow Collectables Striker Eureka Statue

    Australia’s pride and joy in 2025 – the Mark V Striker Eureka finally received its official statue debut from Sideshow Collectables over a year after Pacific Rim saw release. I remember pre-ordering this piece almost a year before it was actually scheduled to come out from Sideshow’s official website. It felt good, buying officially from Sideshow and all, though it…