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Sideshow Collectables Striker Eureka Statue


Australia’s pride and joy in 2025 – the Mark V Striker Eureka finally received its official statue debut from Sideshow Collectables over a year after Pacific Rim saw release.

I remember pre-ordering this piece almost a year before it was actually scheduled to come out from Sideshow’s official website. It felt good, buying officially from Sideshow and all, though it was no small price.


Needless to say, I loved Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. To tide myself over until the Sideshow statue release, I hoarded a fair collection of the first few waves of NECA Jaegers (which have since been sold off). This piece was to be my crown jewel – it was certainly expensive enough to warrant being treated as such.

Striker was for sure my favorite Jaeger from the film – Gipsy is cool and all, but Striker’s lean design is a bit more appealing personally.


Now, to be totally fair – I usually don’t prefer statues. They honestly look gorgeous and more often than not have a higher degree of sculpt and paint quality than mass-production figurines and such, but for the money you pay it just doesn’t seem like a simple display piece is enough.


The irony comes, however, when I really think about it and most of my high-end figures and models might as well be statues given I don’t actually make use of their playability value often or much at all.


All the same, when I purchased this piece it was under the justification that this would be the statue of statues. I’d seen Sideshow’s work before, and they’re not exactly known as sub-par or shoddy in their quality of product. As such, I had every confidence that this Striker would be worth every penny and all the months waiting on the release delay.


Sadly, that wasn’t quite the case. The release delay fiasco was the first red flag. If I recall correctly, Striker was originally supposed to be released in late 2014. It ended up shipping mid-April 2015.

Production delays aren’t super surprising though – what was more jarring was the apparent reason for the delay – this piece was originally supposed to come with light-up features, but ended up having it cut because it apparently compromised the statue’s structure.

P1150949It wasn’t a huge loss to me – the light up stuff would’ve been cool, to be sure, but I knew I probably would’ve turned it on once and never again. It was just too bad that the overall original price point didn’t actually change – you figure they would’ve figured in the light-up costs from the get-go, and suddenly taking it out would remove some significant production costs, but that wasn’t quite the case.

I’ll praise Sideshow for emailing their customers months ahead of time to inform them of this little production quirk though, and even offer full refunds on our payments and deposits. This is more than I could say for AmiAmi and Medicom’s behavior with another certain figure.


For how gorgeous and large this statue is though, it doesn’t look like it’s selling well. Sideshow’s limiting their production to 1000 pieces, and it still hasn’t sold out on their official site. After-market sellers are also seeing a decrease in selling price too. Guess not everyone’s a big enough fan of the one-shot film to pay $400+ for a nearly two-foot statue of one of the supporting robots.

I have to praise the sculpt – the mechanical areas are done really well, particularly the legs and joints. The Jaegers have a fairly univeral design concept with extremely intricate frame parts and lots of flat armor adorning the main body parts – this is most evident I think with Gipsy Danger.

P1150945I like how this is basically final battle Striker, with the Russian nuke strapped onto its back. I actually would’ve preferred the version without, but it’s not a huge deal.

I have to give props for the detail on the Angel Wing thrusters though – behind those grilles the actual thrusters are molded within, which is a really nice touch (not that I’d expect anything less from a piece of this caliber).


I wish optional parts or accessories were given with this piece, but I suppose it is a statue in its truest form. The Sting Blades are stationary, and very sharp. Sideshow didn’t cut any corners here (pun intended). They actually poked through my photo backdrop when I was turning the statue around. The silver dry-brushed effect at the edges is also a really nice touch.

P1150946I’m a bit disappointed in the Brass Knuckles though – they have a dirty, flat weathered look that…well, don’t look like brass or metal. Would’ve much preferred a dirty metallic sheen.

P1150952The complex pistons and hydraulics underneath the arms are excellently done though – a welcome contrast between the bare plates on the torso and the mechanical intricacy featured there.

P1150941Striker’s base is (what I assume to be) the bottom of the sea floor where it and Gipsy fought Slattern and the two other Category IV Kaiju. The rock detail seems fairly standard – it looks good, but it’s not quite attention-grabbing.

P1150955The little turquoise highlights near the bottom of the base ring are welcome touches, along with the brass-like finish of the ring itself.

P1150954Bottom of the base is adorned with Striker’s emblem and the piece number – this would be #89/1000.


I think that’s a broken-up ship? Striker also only really has one foothold that it pegs into; the other foot kinda just rests on the rocks without any securing mechanism.

P1150958A single metal rod in the heel of the left leg keeps Striker anchored; everything else also slots into place with the base so it’s all nice and flush.

P1150957The statue also comes partially disassembled for shipping, so you’ll have to slot the arms in yourself.

P1150961Because of how specific the slots and holes for the shoulders are, the arms don’t actually get true articulation. I suppose you could wiggle/rotate them a bit on their slots, but I wouldn’t want to risk breaking the arms.

P1150964Just about all the details are there, and it looks gorgeous. You normally wouldn’t even be able to see this stuff given it’s the underside of the arms too.


I’m a bit disappointed in the neck area though – the little cavity where it sits is pretty bare. You’d expect there to be some awesome mechanical detail in there, but it’s like a “blind spot” where there’s absolutely no detail.

P1150973I’ve always really liked Striker’s head design as a Jaeger, but was a bit disappointed that the hexagonal visor detail from the film wasn’t included on this piece. The gold paint used is also a bit sloppy around the edges – definitely expected better here.

P1150963I like that there are plenty of decals and markings included on the statue, but it’s a bit jarring when you can so clearly see the decal border in some areas. These are just minor quality control issues, but for a piece of this price I expected better.

P1150950Apparently Striker was also meant to be Pacific Rim’s Hero Jaeger…but ended up having too “cold” and “arrogant” of a design. I can see it. I like how only it and Gipsy were chosen by Sideshow to actually be made into statues; the other Jaegers didn’t quite receive the same love.

P1150967Size comparison with a can of Brisk. I think it’s hard to really tell how large this piece is until you see it in person. I was absolutely overwhelmed with the shipping box’s size when I first received it.

P1150972The statue’s overall pose is also fair at best, I think. I certainly think it looks better than its sister piece, Gipsy Danger, but I do wish Sideshow went with a pose showing off Striker’s chest-mounted K-Missiles instead. The Sting Blades look damn good of course, but I don’t think the body pose do the weapons much justice.

P1150937All told, I still really like Striker’s design – its beefed up torso and dirty brawler combat style are what caught my attention in the movie. This piece captures that look well, but coming from Sideshow and given the hefty price tag, I really do think it could’ve been done a lot better.

The detail on the statue is overall really well done, but could’ve been done better. The blind spot inside the neck cavity really bugs me, and I do think it could’ve benefited from a more drybrushed/metallic finish; out of the box it just looks too soft to be a 250-feet tall metal robot.


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