• Cosplay

    Operation Meteor: Part 3

      Don’t be fooled – he’s wearing the armor, but it’s held together by tape right now – none of it is actually strapped and ready for paint yet. We still have quite a few kinks to work out. Wing has turned out to be the most difficult Gundam to work with in terms of its outrageous proportions – you’d…

  • Cosplay

    Operation Meteor: Part 2

      Only the second time we’re getting together for the build, but we’ve already got most of the actual body hashed out. This is nearly zero to Gundam in four days. I like to think we’ve become more efficient at mobile suit design and production since we’ve been doing this for five years now.

  • Cosplay

    Operation Meteor: Part 1

      Summer’s rolling in, which of course means Anime Expo is too. It feels like we barely got a break from building cosplay armor since we had a little commission project this last winter, but the regularly scheduled show still rolls on as we get to our next Gundam armor – this time from the After Colony era. We considered…

  • Cosplay

    Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 5

    Suit production is winding down, now that just about all the construction and fitting is finished. There’s still a lot of small details to fill in, but at the moment we’re saving those finishing touches for later. This week a big focus was working on the second part of this commission – scratch-build ranger helmets for the pilots of the…

  • Pacific Rim

    Sideshow Collectables Striker Eureka Statue

    Australia’s pride and joy in 2025 – the Mark V Striker Eureka finally received its official statue debut from Sideshow Collectables over a year after Pacific Rim saw release. I remember pre-ordering this piece almost a year before it was actually scheduled to come out from Sideshow’s official website. It felt good, buying officially from Sideshow and all, though it…