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HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam REVIVE


Finally getting around to the Granddaddy itself, mostly because Bandai didn’t release its REVIVE kit until recently. I’m fairly certain this is the first RX-78-2 to be featured on this site too – in contrast, there are at least five posts on different variations of the StrikeUniversal Century fans come at me with your pitchforks now.


Being such a basic mobile suit design, you can’t expect a lot of parts. Only three real runners – one gray, one red/yellow/blue, and one white.


The white was actually a bit of an off-white – it had a strange tinge to it that wasn’t quite pure white. Didn’t matter in the long run since as usual, this kit’s getting a full repaint.


Seam lines are very minimal, given this is such a modern kit. It’s still a High Grade though, so some work had to be done. The most noticeable bits were of course the weapons as usual, and surprisingly there was a big nasty one on the rear of the legs.


Minimal stickers, which is good – means less I have to fill in with paint. Kind of disappointed that the crotch crest wasn’t a separate piece, but what can you do.


It always brings me a strange sense of satisfaction to cut the entire kit out and throw all the parts into a single ziplock bag.

P1170802Bottom of the feet painted in by hand with gunmetal as per the usual course; the gray bits on the knees also had to be filled in. P1170803
Head vulcans, forehead camera, and crotch crest all painted in by hand. It’s small details like these that really make the model I think, especially with a mobile suit design as simple as the RX-78-2.

gundamA timeless design, more than three decades later. The RX-78-2 still looks more straight humanoid than anything more modern though – the classic “man-in-a-robot-suit” design.

A no-nonsense design and modern Gunpla-engineering means a very free range of movement.

The rifle has the standard second handle and articulated scope, while the shield just pegs straight into the forearm or backpack. A dedicated trigger hand is also included for the rifle so wielding the weapons isn’t really an issue.



Hyper Bazooka had one big nasty seam running down its length so that had to be done away. The handle adjusts a bit so there’s really no issue having the Gundam hold it over its shoulder.


Rear skirt also flips down to store bazooka. Despite there being no pegs or anything for this connection, the bazooka itself is actually surprisingly secure.

And finally some iconic beam saber action.

I would say it’s a lot better than the older HG’s which featured solid-color sabers with the hands molded to the hilt, but ironically the original HGUC actually sported clear beams too.

P1170916I’m not overwhelmed by this kit mostly because it’s the pinnacle of the average modern Gunpla. It’s simple, clean, streamlined, and comes with just about everything you’d want out of an RX-78-2 (sans, interestingly, a Core Fighter or any semblance of the suit’s original Core Block system – though I never cared much for it anyway). I say this so easily mostly because I’ve never built or owned the original HGUC – after taking a look at that kit online, I would never say this kit is a wasted or pointless reissue.


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